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Top commission
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Get paid whenever and however
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Rest assured that you send your users
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Cross-device product

Earn your share using mobile, tablet,
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State of the art
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You are in control of your earnings.
Bring more – gain more.
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FTD per mounth
FTD per mounth
FTD per mounth
FTD per mounth
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How does it work?

a partner

It will take с couple
of minutes

OneTwo Casino

Using banner
adds & newsletter

Earn money

Earn up to 45%
revenue share

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Q: What is the OneTwo affiliate program?

A: This is the partner program used by our affiliates (people and companies), who earn a revenue share for promoting OneTwo Casino to their user base.

After registration, a partner gains access to a wide range of marketing materials that can be posted on their website. It can be banners (JPEG, GIF or FLASH) demo games and hosted landing pages which refresh automatically to advertise the latest event or promotion.

When a user from your website clicks on your affiliate referral code, registers and makes a deposit, they become a referred user. For every referred user, you gain up to 45% of revenue share as long as the user is active. The more players you bring, the bigger your commission gets, the more profitable our affiliate program is for you.

Q: How can I join the program?

A: Just get registered! It will only take you few minutes but might bring you a lifetime of profit.

Q: Why should I become a OneTwo affiliate?

A: There's no other reason to become a partner rather than earning money. Do you want to gain up to 45% of revenue per active user that you brought to us? If your answer is yes, you definitely should join our program. It's nice and easy and will gain you a lifetime of commission as long as your players make deposits. Who wouldn't want that?

Q: Is this affiliate program free?

A: Absolutely! Not only it is free, but we actually pay you for participating and bringing us new players. You can sign up for free and start earning any moment.

Q: Can I trust you?

A: Listen, of course, we'd say you can trust us. The thing is we actually gain more from the partnership than we'd gain from scamming you. Moreover, we value our reputation and believe in open and honest business and expect the same from you. It's that simple!

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